Modeling Respect and Fostering Community

Modeling respect in an art classroom is an important aspect in building a classroom culture. My favorite art classes in high school were the smaller class sizes, where the teacher could be really involved in each project and teach us how to problem solve in our art. Some of my favorite classroom cultures in my high school were in the art room, where we all brainstormed off of each other and when it felt a little like a team.

This is a cool lesson plan that I found that fosters community and can be used for middle school or high school. Each student creates a square of wooden shapes and when the entire classroom’s are together and painted a solid color, it shows each student’s work creatively, but I love that the materials are pretty limited.


I like this lesson plan as well, although it is written for writing. I would alter it and have students draw what makes them different or a scenario that made them remember why it’s okay to be different. I love that this lesson plan for K-2nd grade gets the class to talk about respecting each other in a community, and why it’s okay to be different.

Here is another great resource for lessons on community and respect:


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